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It's not the number of hours, it's how you leverage them!


Now Taking Applications & Launching in Late 2019

Packages start at $500/month for 10 hours

3 Star

$900 / month
  • 30 hours per month of VA Services
  • Access to Call Your VA Support Ticket System
  • Complimentary discovery call

2 Star

$800 / Month
  • 20 hours per month of VA Services
  • Access to Call Your VA Support Ticket System
  • Complimentary discovery call

1 Star

$500 / month
  • 10 hours per month of VA Services
  • Access to Call Your VA Support Ticket System
  • Complimentary discovery call

Helping you get things done!

We are a team of virtual assistants here to help you reach your goals. We help CEOs, entrepreneurs and owners be more efficient and effective.

We help you to leverage technology and provide support with various tasks including from data entry to scheduling and more. 

Our team of virtual assistants will help you to complete tasks for your business or organization.

Here are some of the things that we can help with:

  • Social media management
  • Back office Real Estate updates
  • eCommerce listing
  • Email & chat support
  • Internet research
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Administrative tasks such as booking flights & hotels
  • Creating documents/spreadsheets/PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating a blog
  • Emailing potential new clients
  • Customer service (calls, follow up, getting billing, etc.)
  • Newsletters (Aweber, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, MailChimp)
  • Website creation / design / development / maintenance (versed in WordPress, Dreamweaver, Joomla and Weebly)*
  • Light Audio/Video editing*
  • Managing Google/ Outlook calendar on your behalf

*Digital Marketing Upgrade and discount available for Blue 16 Media services.



Thanks. I enjoyed the services and it produced some good results.

- Barry Parker, The Blu Group

Helping you to reach your goals

Our team is focused on making sure you reach your goals by allowing you to delegate those tasks so you can focus on working on your business, not in your business.

We value your time so we also help business owners to develop and implement processes to be more efficient and effective.

"Our Secret Sauce" or what makes us different is that we are process focused. We help you to set up systems to make you more efficient and effective. 


Hi, I'm Gresh

About 6 years ago, I founded a digital marketing company called Blue 16 Media and also manage a community of blogs called (CEO Blog Nation), and I have leaned heavily on virtual assistants and a team to help us grow as a company.

Many people ask me, “how are you able to do so much?” (e.g. daily podcast, daily blog post(s), clients, and a healthy & active lifestyle. My answer is that I simply have a great team and I leverage technology extremely well with loads of “CEO Hacks.” I do have really good self-awareness and have an idea of where my blind spots and weaknesses are and generally take care of myself and have a good “motor.” I also know where there’s room for growth.

However, it has been virtual assistants that have been an absolute game-changer for me. Just like any leader, my focus is to put every person of the team in the best place to be successful.

My goal for starting was to help other entrepreneurs and business owners in much of the same way that I've been helped. Rather than going and trying to find the "right" VA's for teams or the "right" systems, I decided that I wanted to take that off of what is usually an already overloaded plate for entrepreneurs and business owners.

We are a "systems-driven" virtual assistant team that not only helps you get things done but also helps you build systems that will make you and your team more effective and efficient.  

Click below to read more about my story and/or to schedule a discovery call. 


Did You Know...

by hiring a VA you can be more effective and efficient by focusing on the essential tasks to run your business?

We would love to help you!

Packages start at $500/month for 10 hours

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